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Summary of the study personnel’s responsibilities and achievements within our company:     


1- The President:  

Dr Yves Pesant is a general internist since 1982 with multiple fields of activities in his regular practice in the intensive care unit, coronary care unit, cardiac unit, day care clinic, emergency room consultation, nephrology clinic, pre-operation evaluation clinic, general hospital wards, private practice related to consultations for diabetic patients, arthritis/arthrosis, stress testing, hypertension, endocrinologic pathologies, etc.  He is also a regular lecturer and sits on different scientific boards.  He has been involved in clinical trials since 1991.

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2- General director/study coordinator:

Yanick Sardin Laframboise joinded SJMR in 2010 and is responsible for company development in numerous fields such as computers/electronics, Website, equipment, working strategies, staff efficiency, accounting efficacity, marketing activities, etc.  Since July 2017, he is also the Director and Main Study Coordinator of the research center.  His background is in Biochemistry and Management.

3- Study nurses:  

All nurses work as an integrated team.  They are able to interact in all active ongoing protocols, supported by a specialised staff in regulatory affairs, laboratory activities, study drug handling and data entries.  They receive regular training and work under strict Good Clinical Practices (GCPs).  The full-time nurses have 3 to 10 years of experience in clinical research.  The part-time nurses have nearly 18 years of experience.


4- Administration:

    Laurie Delves joined RMSJ in 1998 and is responsible for regulatory affairs, consent forms and contact with REBs.  She has a strong knowledge in ethics.    

   Corinne Langlois is our new addition in 2018 and she is responsible for the communication with the public system regarding regulatory affairs and consent form.


5- Data entry personnel: due to their specific activities, with experience up to 12 years, they accelerate the work of our study nurses and quickly manage all kinds of queries.  They are able to use many electronic programs (eCRF) such as: Inform 5.0, ORACLE, Medidata Rave and WorldWide Clinical Trials.

6- Laboratory clerk: received the most recent laboratory and SAF-T-PAK training and certification.

Research Center Personnel