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Welcome to science industries and CROs.  

With 20 years of research experience, St-Jerome Medical Research Inc. is proud of its accomplishments.  You are invited to consult all the indexes that we have prepared for you (previous studies, ressource inventory, study personnel and fields of interest).  We may have worked with in the past.  You will have a clearer view of our site and our capacity to realize ANY protocol.   

Also, we are proud to state that in all our years of experience, we had a rate of Lost-to-Follow-up near 0% and a rate of retention near 99%!       


List of the Research companies we worked with:

• Abbott Laboratories

• Actelion pharmaceuticals

• AMGEN Canada

• Anthera pharmaceuticals  

• Astellas Pharma Europe

• AstraZeneca

• AtheroGenics Inc

• Bayer Canada

• Bio-K International Inc

• Biotest AG

• Boehringer Ingelheim

• Bristol-Myers Squibb

• Cempra Pharmaceuticals

• Cubist Pharmaceuticals

• Daiichi Sankyo Pharma

• Eisai Pharma

• Eli Lilly

• Janssen-Ortho

• GlaxoSmithKline

• Klox Technologies

• Omthera Pharmaceuticals

• Optimer Pharmaceuticals

• Merck Frosst

• Novartis

• Paragon Pharmaceuticals

• Portola Pharma

• Pfizer

• Sanofi Aventis

• Theravance Inc

• Takeda

List of the CROs we worked with:


• ICON Clinical Research

• INC Research

• MHICC (Montreal Heart

   Institute Coordinating Center)

• Paraxel

• PRA International


• Quintiles

• TIMI Group